SunScript | SunScript is a Ukraine company focused on providing high-end software development services. Headquarter is located in Lviv, Ukraine.
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About us

SunScript is a software development company based in Lviv/Ukraine. SunScript works almost 3 years in Web development. We create responsive websites, web-applications with complex workflow. We are team of 18 professionals, which works to meet the requirements  of our clients. We focus on a small amount of technologies, and carefully approach it’s application in our work.


We believe in the power of the right people, and we are constantly building a unique team of amazing professionals

Holistic approach

We cover all aspects of software development, letting our clients remain focused on their core business processes

Progress improvement

We give a chance to Trainee developers to express themselves.
If we direct them to the right course – they will become superior specialists.

Amount of emploees
Years of expirience
Projects completed


We have high-level web developers in our team to meet all clients needs and expectations. Our services can range from developing the simplest projects to the most complex web-based internet applications, electronic businesses and social network services.

Defining the requirements

Together with the client we gather expectations, define the needs of the target audience, website purpose, and put together technical requirements

Sitemap building

The speed of development, the number of errors during and after development, the stability, scalability and flexibility of the system - it affects the architecture we develop at the beginning. That's why we are very intensely using the software architecture principles to set up the right design guidelines from the start.


Web design

We finalize the design in HTML and CSS while taking into account four cornerstones of the web design: easy navigation, flexibility, usability, and engagement

Website development

At SunScript, we offer custom web application development services based on the most popular tech stacks and frameworks. We have experience building websites, marketplaces, eCommerce solutions, complex web business management systems and other digital products. No matter what the product is, together with our clients, we pass through all stages of the web development process.



We are here to give you any information you need. Feel free to contact us.

5e Boykivska str., 79044, Lviv, Ukraine